Ohla Plast & Färgteknik

An engineering-based company, with its own manufacturing and development of PVC-vinyl products.
We possess particular expertise in colouring and welding of vinyl.
In addition, we mix and pack a variety of chemical products in both powder and liquid form.
The company has a large network of collaborators and work with several international companies.

Printing plastisol Ohlasol

OHLASOL is our trademark brand of textile printing plastisol for screen printing or transfer printing. The plastisol meets the EU’s requirements for children under 3 years and Oeko-TEX testing.
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Mixing and pelletizing

We offer mixing of different liquids and powders, and pack the finished products in accordance with the customer’s specifications.
Micro-granulation via underwater-pelletizing is another specialised area for which we can offer customised products. We currently have a 100 kg/hr line for compounding and underwater-pelletizing of plastic materials.
Contact us to see if we can meet your needs.
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To join PVC materials

We deliver two types of joint products: cold welding and welding rods.
Cold welding, chemical welding or joint sealer is a liquid that in cold condition joins together two vinyl products and produces a seam that is practically invisible.
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Vinyl plastisol

We deliver PVC-plastisol according to customer specifications.
Transparent or coloured, from low to high viscosity, in different qualities. For coating of sheet materials, dipping, printing and moulding.
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This is OHLA Plast

OHLA Plast & Färgteknik has delivered high quality plastic and paints products to Nordic industry ever since its founding in 1981. Today we focus on making our products as green and environmentally sustainable as possible through continuous research and development.
Completed projects since turn of the year
Delivered tons since turn of the year

What makes us unique



Our ambition is to always deliver the highest quality.
We constantly search for new raw materials with minimum environmental impact.
All products are produced from weight-based recipes, ensuring consistent product quality over time.


Innovative solutions

Thanks to our many years of producing and developing vinyl products, we have experience in a variety of different areas and possess the requisite expertise to find innovative solutions to novel and evolving issues.
Our own, on-site test laboratory and equipment give us a unique possibility to test and find solutions that meet our customers’ needs.



We offer confidentiality agreements if a customer wishes to enlist our help to develop their own products and recipes – for example to find solutions for the development of more environmentally sustainable raw materials.



On environmental issues, vinyl, and in particular PVC, has endured much criticism. Under the Environment tab, you can read about how our products are able to allay such critique by meeting stringent environmental standards.

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