We have worked with PVC-vinyl since our founding in 1981, and as a result we have developed a deep understanding of the material’s unique characteristics and possibilities.

During the last 10-15 years, PVC and its additives have seen tremendous development in the area of environmental sustainability, and today they fulfil the strictest environmental standards.

We closely follow these developments, and ensure that our choice of materials and the recipes we develop are at the forefront of these trends.

OHLA Plast & Färgteknik today offers a plastisol which meets the EU’s requirements for toys for children below three years of age, and is completely free from R-phrases. Moreover, today none of our products contain softeners with phthalates.

All pigments are free from heavy metals.

Softened PVC plastisol is a particularly environmentally friendly semi-finished product as it does not risk drying out and sticking to equipment surfaces. It can thus easily be reused. Moreover, the risk of having cleaning water be contaminated and flowing to treatment plants is avoided, as are residual products which must be disposed of.

In our plant we always seek to recycle our materials rather than to produce unnecessary waste.

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We have assisted numerous companies to develop sounder environmental alternatives to their products, and also helped them improve their manufacturing processes. Please contact us for consultation.

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