Vinyl plastisol

We deliver PVC plastisol according to customer specifications. Transparent or coloured, from low to high viscosity, in different qualities. For coating of sheet materials, dipping, printing and moulding.

We deliver PVC plastisol as semi-finished product, in batch sizes from a few grams up to  several tons.

We produce a number of standard products and qualities, but are also able to adapt the product to specific customer requirements and accommodate special needs in terms of quality, viscosity or colour.
In our testing laboratory, we are able to develop the necessary properties  for a product to meet the demands of our customers’ specific production processes as well as their final quality requirements.

Free consultation

We will be happy to send samples of our products for testing, but we also offer our own test facilities for the development of product concepts. Many of our customers enlist our help to develop more environmentally friendly products. Contact us to see if we can help you too.

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